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Serenity Acres

Serenity Acres

Tiny Homes

Serenity Acres tiny homes is about developing sustainable affordable alternatives to the current housing market.

We understand that for so many Canadians the typical starter home is becoming less and less attainable. The trap of renting year after year hoping to save enough for a down payment while home prices continue to rise faster than our wages.

We know the fear of losing that home we finally qualified for if the banks decide to hike interest rates.

We want to help you live mortgage free.

We’ve watched larger and larger homes pop up in our urban sprawl and witnessed the hundreds of thousands of tons of waste carted off to the dump.

We see that conventional builders would rather save on labor costs than cut down on waste.

Interested in Living off the Grid?

Serenity Acres offers fully off grid tiny homes as well as grid tied partially off grid micro homes. Another option we offer is an “off grid ready” tiny house. So that when you have that extra money your tiny home will easily upgrade to off grid.

You can think of our floor plans as a starting point, we will work with you to create the perfect custom tiny house tailored to your needs.

We care about the environment even if it means less profit.

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