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Below is a price guide for Serenity Acres Tiny Homes to give you a rough idea of the costs for a typical tiny home and what that would include. We call it a base model list. No one has yet to order a base model without customization but that’s the beauty of it, you have the chance to make this home everything that you want and nothing that you don’t. If you wanted a one size fits all mass produced plastic box you’d buy an RV.

Serenity Acres Tiny Homes

We build two types of tiny homes traditional stick framed construction and structural insulated panel construction or “SIPS”:

We highly recommend SIPS for your tiny home. It costs a little more to build with SIPS but what you save in weight and gain in structural integrity make it well worth it. A tiny home built with SIPS is much more ridged and will not warp over time or rack in transport.

Stick frame SIPS
16ft $39,900 $44,900
18ft $41,900 $46,900
20ft $43,900 $48,900
22ft $45,900 $51,900
24ft $47,900 $53,900
26ft $49,900 $55,900
28ft $54,900 $61,900
35ft $69,900 $67,900
40ft $82,900 $92,900

Base Models Include:

  • Canadian built custom trailer, 14 000 – 30 000 lbs axles, electric brakes and lights. Built specifically for tiny homes.
  • solid 2x4, 2x6 framing construction
  • one sleeping loft
  • full bathroom w/ stand up shower, sink, regular flushing toilet, mirror, exhaust fan
  • full lights throughout
  • finished flooring throughout including upstairs loft – laminate
  • full kitchen with cabinets, countertop (laminate), sink, faucet, countertop burners, compact fridge/freezer
  • choice of ladder or stairs w/ open storage
  • folding dining room table
  • electric space heater
  • RV hookups for electrical, water and sewer
  • tankless hot water heater
  • single slope “shed roof”
  • double pane windows
  • single enter/exit door
  • R12 insulation in the walls R24 in the floor and roof.
  • choice of pine, vinyl or metal siding

Some Possible Upgrades:

  • dormer(s)
  • skylight(s)
  • sliding drawers under stairs
  • bed frame w/ drawers for loft
  • 2nd loft
  • full size type fridge
  • propane/electric fridge
  • dickinson space heater
  • washer/dryer
  • incinerating toilet
  • composting toilet
  • water storage tank
  • oven
  • in floor storage
  • sliding patio entrance door
  • slide out rear patio
  • ceiling fan
  • wood stove
  • solar panel, inverter, battery bank
  • built in sound system
  • spiral staircase

You are not limited to these options however, if you can dream it we’ll find a way to make work.

Serenity Acres Tiny Homes

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