Updates & Open-Houses:

Let’s be honest, when my husband, Ashley, came to me with the idea of building tiny homes I thought this was one of many far-fetched ideas he had dreamt up. But as he spent more time pursuing this dream I came to realize that he was, in fact, set on becoming a tiny house builder.

Ashley is talented in many areas of life, his career background is in welding but he has renovated our entire house and has a natural talent for building things. Nevertheless, I did have my doubts. Would there be a market for or interest in “tiny living”? Did our family have the time or resources to make this happen?

You see, Ashley is the dreamer – he has a vision for something and does everything in his power to make it happen. I, on the other hand, am more of a realist and find it very difficult to fully commit to something with so many uncertainties. Fast forward a few months, multiple interviews, hundreds of (media? Inquiry?) emails and camera crews in my backyard and I began to realize that this is a viable business. There is most definitely interest in tiny homes and sustainable living. My views began to shift, but still I had my doubts.

There were definitely struggles along the way, the stress of balancing a new and demanding business along side a full-time career and a young family was very difficult. Of course there was the financial stress and unexpected hiccups with current building regulations that we also had to work through. There were many ups and downs along the way and we came close to calling it quits multiple times, but the dream of having a tiny homes business would always pull Ashley back in.

Ashley has discovered his passion, and having a career he enjoys and is damn good at is well worth all of the hurdles we’ve overcome. One thing I have learned through all of this is that it’s okay to take a risk and be uncertain of the outcome. If you work your butt off and don’t give up dreams can come true. The future is still uncertain and the struggles will still exist, but it’s those willing to push through all of that and work harder who will ultimately succeed.