Updates & Open-Houses:

Are you planning to build your own tiny home? What better way to learn the skills you need than by volunteering to help build homes for our most vulnerable friends and neighbors!

We envision building a fleet of tiny houses ready to be deployed when disaster strikes, in an effort to reduce the impact on the lives of Canadians who find themselves without a home. If a family loses their home in a natural disaster, we could set up a tiny house on their driveway so they could continue to maintain their daily lives while also living nearby to engage in the rebuilding.

Where someone is struggling to keep a roof over their heads we could offer a tiny home as an alternative to homeless shelters, while they get back on their feet. When someone needs to flee an abusive situation a tiny home could provide an opportunity to get off the grid and recuperate in peace.

The needs are many, tiny homes can help.

Together we can make a difference.